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Coronavirus Law

Navigating Coronavirus Laws

Coronavirus Law in California

Margolin & Lawrence is dedicated to helping all types of businesses navigate through the coronavirus crisis all across California. Many business owners are struggling in these turbulent and unusual times, and looking for new ways to keep their operations and employees intact.

The federal, state, and local governments have all been issuing new laws and policies to provide economic relief, and our law firm can help you find and apply the right programs to assist you and your business. In addition, many contracts and agreements contain “act of god” or “force majeure” clauses that allow parties to be relieved from certain obligations in unexpected circumstances out of their control, such as a global pandemic.

Implied contract terms derived from the common law provide additional solutions when contract performance is impossible or impractical, even when no specific terms would excuse performance. Our firm in California can help you identify contract terms and legal principles that could provide you with relief in these unexpected times. During the coronavirus outbreak, the different levels of government have classified some businesses as “essential,” allowing them to continue operation, which requires others to close. If you need to continue your business operations to serve public needs, and you have plans to do so safely, we can help you secure legal classification as an essential business and ensure your business is not affected by government shutdowns.

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