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'I'm scared for my child': Coronavirus hits Louisiana juvenile detention centers

Mothers of incarcerated youth say the state is giving them no information as the coronavirus spreads inside facilities, infecting both kids and staff.

Juvenile delinquency proceedings (Emergency Rule 7)

The courts are to give these matters involving juveniles priority:

  • psychotropic medication applications
  • all emergency medical requests
  • a petition for reentry of a nonminor dependent
  • a hearing on any request for a warrant for a child
  • a probable cause determination for a child who has been detained but has not had a detention hearing within the statutory time limits.

Juvenile delinquency hearings for minors in custody must proceed under the statutory timeframes. Remote appearances are allowed if in-person appearances are not feasible. The court must determine if it is contrary to the welfare of the child to remain in the home, whether reasonable services to prevent removal occurred, and whether to place temporary placement with the probation agency if the court will be keeping the child detained and out of the home.

Juvenile delinquency hearings for minors out of custody may be continued until after the declared emergency is over, other than the types of hearings given priority by the order.