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Navigating Coronavirus Laws
Post Conviction Issues and Relief in the age of COVID-19

Thank you to Wayland Chung, California state public defender who has set up a guide to coronavirus and the courts. Also thank you for these calls for mass release efforts. We support them and believe resources exist for meaningful pretrial and post-trial supervision.

If You’re A Business Owner On Probation, Don’t Bother To Apply For COVID-19 Relief Loans

The $350 billion government loan program designed to keep employees on the payroll during the coronavirus pandemic excludes people on probation or parole or with recent criminal histories.

As Coronavirus Spreads Through Prisons, States Are Failing Incarcerated People

On April 6, Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker signed an executive order allowing “medically vulnerable” incarcerated people to be temporarily released on medical furlough for the duration of the state’s disaster proclamation. Furloughs are typically temporary releases from prison, usually for no more than 14 days. Pritzker’s executive order extends the order indefinitely during the pandemic; it is unclear whether people will be expected to return to prison once the pandemic is past.


Two inmates at San Pedro’s Terminal Island federal prison have died of coronavirus, with 33 positive cases at the prison as of yesterday. Nationwide, 22 federal inmates have died od coronavirus. All federal inmates displaying signs of COVID-19 are being placed in isolation.