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Location is central to any legal analysis involving a new business endeavor and is top of mind for both state and local regulators. Our attorneys are experts in zoning and land use and can analyze even the most complex questions. M&L represents real estate investors, developers, and landowners in complex zoning and land use needs. We have a breadth of experience in the legislative, administrative, and regulatory aspects of complex zoning and land use issues.

Margolin & Lawrence regularly comments on policies affecting the environment in California and throughout the United States. Our firm strongly believes in complying with all policies. We also believe all industries should be kept up to date with environmental and land use issues – we are an industry leader in handling these types of issues that impact non-profit organizations, private corporations and public agencies. We advise our clients on natural resources, energy and environmental issues before legislative bodies.

Margolin & Lawrence has helped many of its clients obtain licenses and permits in a timely manner to reduce the risk of litigation and non-compliance with environmental laws. Our team works daily assisting clients with their business plans, helping clients achieve these goals by staying within their budget, and in a timely manner under current regulations.

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