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Lobbying at the local and state level has been a core practice of Margolin & Lawrence since its inception in 2009. Our state and federal compliance practice are evidenced by M&L’s work and registration as a lobbying firm for the past decade.

Since its inception, M&L has been involved in several advocacy groups and non-profit work. We advise our clients on legal issues associated with their policy interests. Margolin & Lawrence and its attorneys are registered lobbyists in the state of California.

We provide expertise in a range of practice areas, including regulatory law, zoning, permitting, compliance, branding, trademark & civil litigation. Allison Margolin is a member of NORML, and has been involved in various other industry-related organizations.

Los Angeles

When Los Angeles developed its regulations for cannabis businesses, Margolin & Lawrence advocated that there not be a required buffer between retail sites and religious institutions. For perspective, there are about 2,800 religious buildings in Los Angeles county.

This restriction would have drastically reduced location options for sites.

Santa Barbara, January 2016

The Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors unanimously voted to ban future medical marijuana cultivation in unincorporated areas.

Thanks to Margolin & Lawrence’s advocacy - involving hours of litigation between Allison and Raza and the Board Supervisors – Santa Barbara County removed their ban on medical marijuana cultivation. This opened up opportunities for dozens of businesses.

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