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public policy

Our state and federal compliance practice is evidenced by M&L’s work and registration as a lobbying firm for the past decade. Since its inception, M&L has been involved in several advocacy groups and non-profit work. We advise our clients on legal issues associated with their policy interests.


Margolin & Lawrence and its attorneys are registered lobbyists in the state of California. We provide expertise in a range of practice areas, including regulatory law, zoning, permitting, compliance, branding, trademark and civil litigation.

Allison Margolin is a member of NORML, and has been involved in various other industry-related organizations.

We also help protect health care through proper licensing and regulation. We strongly believe in promoting access to quality medical care through regulatory functions.


Additionally, ​The Medical Board of California shares common beliefs with us regarding proper health care – we believe those in prison or jail should not be deprived of health care. We advocate for prisoners to receive proper food due to their allergies and believe that these needs should not be neglected.