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We are one of the only California law firms that can handle licensing, regulatory compliance, lobbying, transactional, and mergers and acquisitions or regulated industries.

We also handle state & federal complex criminal defense & appellate work.

We have the legal acumen and depth of expertise required to advise you on all aspects of the regulatory process to secure your business’s future.

Margolin & Lawrence has successfully lobbied on behalf of its clients throughout California as well as in other states.


Withholding Water is the New Racism in Siskiyou County

(June 3) Racism takes on many behaviors. A new behavior has crept into the conservative mindset of late and that is the attempt to withhold water.(READ NOW!)

DCR Ammended Summary
DCR Ammended Ordinance Summary (July 1, 2020 City Council Meeting)

New Licensing Procedure for All License Types: Phase 3 Round 2 for storefront retail licenses will be selected by a lottery opposed to the first come, first served selection process utilized during Phase 3 Round 1. Lottery winners will have a period of one year to find a business location in an area that has not met undue concentration. (VIEW POST) All retail licensees will need to meet the revised criteria of equity share requirements. Existing Phase 3 Round 1 licensees will need to revise their equity share to meet the newly established criteria.

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